A Quick Look at RJ’s Emmrod Fishing Poles.

Thank you for checking us out and we think you will be impressed with our product line. We sell Emmrod® Fishing Gear – compact fishing poles and rods made of stainless steel that break down to just 13″ for easy packing. These are all portable fishing rods with the action of 6 foot poles!

Emmrod fishing poles are the best portable and compact fishing rods you will find on the market today and the only survival rated fishing gear on the planet.

Our fishing poles cast as far as 7′ graphite fishing rods and have superior action and sensitivity yet are indestructible. This is why Emmrod® Fishing Gear is the best fishing pole of choice for survival situations, backpacking, kayak fishing, float tube fishing and is simply the best travel fishing pole on the planet. If there is one item you must have in your bug out bag (B.O.B.)-this is it. Our survival rated fishing gear eliminates the need for telescopic fishing poles and multi-section travel fishing poles.

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EmmrodFishingRJ’s Emmrod Rods are Compact

Emmrod designed rods perform like 6′ graphite rods. They range from 19″ long to 32″ long, weigh less than conventional rods, but do not sacrifice the feel of a full-size rod.

With graphite poles, there is a lag time between when the fish hits your lure and when you can set your hook and there is lag time between when you start to reel and when you are actually reeling in the fish.

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0000833RJ’s Emmrod Rods are Strong

Emmrod rods are made of 302 stainless steel. Emmrod power coils are patented and for good reason.

They are the backbone of the Emmrod® fishing system. They allow us to use more durable stainless steel rods. They offer heightened sensitivity, incomparable castability and incredible action.

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All our rods include free shipping and handling.

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Combat Rod fishing pole

Combat Rod

Gulf Master fishing rod

Gulf Master


Pack Rod Cast fishing pole

Rugged Flex fishing pole

Rugged Flex (Cast)

Mountaineer fishing pole


Kayak King fishing rod

Kayak King

Packer fishing rod


Gulf Master II fishing rod

Gulf Master II

Packrod Spin fishing pole

Packrod (Spin)

Rugged Flex Spin fishing rod

Rugged Flex (Spin)

Stream Master fishing rod

Stream Master